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Your donation will be used to:
  • - Collect preloved items from donors.
  • - Clean/refurbish the usable preloved items.
  • - Liaise with single mothers in need.
  • - Package and deliver the re-loved items to the single mother in need.

What We Do

ShareAngel created a platform where communities can share their usable preloved with underrepresented groups. The preloved items will be passed on to them or sold to raise funds to support their daily necessities. Through the impactful projects, we aim to instill the practice of “share more, waste no more” within communities for a sustainable future.

“ We strongly believe in influencing without affluence, the act of giving is a powerful tool that everyone has.”

Donation Target (RM):
Progress (44.29%): 101,863.77 / 230,000.00.

Did You know?

- There are more than 235,000 single mothers in Malaysia, equalling 1.7% of the total population.

- Single mothers are in their predicament mostly as a result of spousal death, spousal abandonment or divorce.

- Unofficial data indicates that single mothers in rural areas have on average five or more children.

- Unable to afford childcare and added with the additional burden of caring for extended family members, many single mothers are unable to work and forced to rely on government assistance to survive.